The four stages of roaming grief

Posted on July 17, 2013  /  0 Comments

I have little sympathy for whinging about roaming regulation by operators, because I’ve heard it all before, in relation to reforms in international telephony. The sky was predicted to fall and rural areas deprived of needed investment. Yet we took away their cash cow and investment actually increased. But I had not psycho-analyzed their grief this well:

Kroes also suggested that mobile operators will react to the loss of roaming revenue via various stages of grief. “They say that when faced with loss there are several stages of grief – from denial to anger to bargaining to acceptance. I suppose that applies equally to a person facing a divorce or a company facing the loss of a cash cow. For me we shouldn’t be clutching onto old practices and rehearsing the arguments of the past: we should be grabbing the opportunities of the future.”


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