Myanmar is Huawei country?

Posted on August 18, 2013  /  0 Comments

My respect for Huawei goes back to 2002-04 when I was responsible for telecom reforms in government. They never approached me to lobby for anything. But I asked them what the per-line costs they could offer on CDMA. Their response knocked my socks off. One of the two companies that got the first blocks of spectrum for CDMA went for Huawei. The other stayed with its previous European supplier. Result: the leader became the follower.

It appears that the operators in Myanmar are not making that mistake. But surely, there must be another low-cost Chinese supplier who can keep Huawei on its toes?

Huawei Technologies has been running into barriers on the western fronts of its global expansion, but fortunately for the world’s largest electronic equipment maker, the emerging Myanmar telecom landscape is practically theirs. Three of the nation’s telecom operators, state-owned Myanmar Posts and Telecommunication (MPT), Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) and the recent telecom license winner Telenor from Norway, have chosen Huawei as their main supplier.

The remaining player in Myanmar’s telecom sector, Qatari company Ooredoo, which won the license along with Telenor, has not announced the name of its supplier, but is currently also negotiating with Huawei, according to the Asian News Network.


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