Travails of changing the energy mix

Posted on September 19, 2013  /  1 Comments

LIRNEasia is not known as an energy shop, but we’ve been getting into electricity issues gradually. In a week or so, LIRNEasia will be making a presentation to the Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka on the best ways to introduce demand-side management. This NYT article shows how difficult deviating from the conventional path is and how much care has to be taken in effecting reforms in this critical area.

German families are being hit by rapidly increasing electricity rates, to the point where growing numbers of them can no longer afford to pay the bill. Businesses are more and more worried that their energy costs will put them at a disadvantage to competitors in nations with lower energy costs, and some energy-intensive industries have begun to shun the country because they fear steeper costs ahead.

Newly constructed offshore wind farms churn unconnected to an energy grid still in need of expansion. And despite all the costs, carbon emissions actually rose last year as reserve coal-burning plants were fired up to close gaps in energy supplies.

1 Comment

  1. donald gaminitillake

    go for solar power. I moved into solar power last year.
    only two problems
    CEB parameters always change. It is not constant and stable.
    sometimes Voltage moves below 200 volts Hz moves too
    when this happens system stops
    Rainy season

    also the Govt should give a tax concession on costs.