Phones revenues overtake sewing machine sales at Singer

Posted on December 24, 2013  /  0 Comments

Singer is synonymous with sewing machines. Like Xerox for photo copiers. And now Singer is selling more phones than sewing machines. And more smartphones than feature phones? Not quite yet. But 1900 percent increase in one year will do the job soon.

Singer Sri Lanka chief executive Asoka Peiris says since the smart phone market is increasing globally the product is targets all South Asian customers.

“There are tourists arriving from our neighbouring countries like India, Bangladesh, and Maldives and in this country they are buying a smart phone and fly back,” Peiris said.

“So we do not only launch in Sri Lanka we also launched it to the South Asian market.”

Singer has been household name in Sri Lanka for sewing machines for decades but it is now known for a range of consumer durables including refrigerators, televisions and also computers.

Peiris said feature phone sales of Singer have increased by 75 percent over the last year while smart phones have increased by 1900 percent.

“To date the value of sales of mobile phones is slightly more than domestic sewing machines and let me tell you that we do sell lot of domestic sewing machines,” Peiris said.

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