Twenty percent of Sri Lanka households report Internet access

Posted on December 30, 2013  /  1 Comments

The full report of the 2012-13 Household Income and Expenditure Survey is not yet public, but LBO had got hold of the Internet data:

About 11.4 percent of households in Sri Lanka have internet access at home, with 9.2 percent accessing through other means with communications centres were playing a key role, official data shows.

The highest internet access was in the Colombo district at 26.9 percent of households with 15.2 percent having access from elsewhere followed by Gampaha at 16.7 percent of households with home internet and 9.2 percent from elsewhere.

The data is from household income and expenditure survey of Sri Lanka’s statistics office.

The least internet access at home was seen in Mullativu, in the north at 2.8 percent and 18.7 percent from elsewhere.

We had estimated that 2.4 million Sri Lankans were Internet users in 2012. The HIES data suggest that our number for individuals was low. If anything, individual use should be higher than 20 percent.

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  1. Located the source. It is not the HIES. It is the preliminary report of the 2011-12 census, based on responses from 5 percent of households.