Ooredoo license signed; Telenor on Feb 3rd; By-laws by end February

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The above is what I have been able to piece together from multiple news reports out of Myanmar. I have not been able to locate the texts of the revised by-law (we have only the draft we commented on) and license (hopefully what the four operators will get is the same).

“Rules have been adopted on equal terms. We can now grant a licence because the telecommunications law has been approved. When the by-law comes out, we will issue licences for other services such as internet. The by-law is written in English. It needs to be translated (into Myanmar). Then, we have to coordinate with the Attorney General’s Office and seek cabinet approval. So, I think the by-law can be approved by the end of February,” said Than Tun Aung of the Directorate of Telecommunications.

When the telecommunications by-law becomes effective, more licences will reportedly be issued to other companies, in addition to the four companies currently due to receive licences.

“Our department cannot do what it wants to do. The by-law says we must oversee the operators on an equal basis. Those four companies must compete technologically. It is the duty of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to ensure quality for the sake of the country and the people. We have three ways to take action: warnings, fines and licence revocation if they (operators) fail to comply with the law and rules. They will not do anything that leads to licence revocation. All these are included in the by-law,” said Than Tun Aung.

Report from Eleven.

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