CAP Workshop (June 2014 Sri Lanka) – Tsunami + 10 Years

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JOIN US IN SRI LANKAIndian Ocean Tsunami 10th Year Anniversary (IOTX) – CAP WORKSHOP


These are exciting times for alerting enabled by the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standard (ITU-T Recommendation X.1303), especially as major online media and technology companies continue their support and promotion of CAP. One theme is the emergent support for CAP-enabled alerting through advertising by online media. In that vein, we expect this Workshop will discuss the development of harmonized design guidelines for such emergency alerting, perhaps including aspects such as colours, fonts, languages, and sets of symbols.

Earthquake and volcano alerting are also expected to be Workshop topics, as well as updates on progress for some of the many CAP implementations already in production and others in active development. That includes the latest from MeteoAlarm on planned public access to their CAP sources across 35 nations in Europe. Of course, participants will also hear of the latest CAP-related developments from OASIS, ITU, and WMO.

If you have CAP implementation experiences or insights to share, please let us know if you want to be one of our presenters. Note that the CAP events are technical meetings conducted in English without interpretation.

A CAP Jump Start session will be conducted in a nearby venue on the day before, June 16. On the day after, June 19, there will be a “CAP Code Fest” for interested programmers. Also, during the week-long IOTX convention, there will be both an ISCRAM meeting and a Sahana Workshop.

As usual, there will be no charge to participate in the CAP Workshop, CAP Jump Start, and CAP code-fest.  Please let us know whether you plan to attend. Also, please do forward this information to all persons and mailing lists that may be interested in CAP implementation.

FYI, Presentations and reports of the previous CAP Workshops (2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2006) are posted at these links:


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