TeleGeography released new map on Middle East

Posted on March 11, 2014  /  0 Comments

TeleGeography’s 2014 Middle East telecoms map is now available. It depicts 48 active and three planned submarine cable systems. Five terrestrial cables are also shown in this map. The landing stations and respective owners are also provided.

The infographics embedded in the map present major intraregional and interregional voice and Internet routes. Key telecom metrics are provided for 16 countries in the Middle East. The data include:

  • Country statistics: population, households, dialing code, domain, capital city
  • Telecom service penetration: wireless subscriber penetration, broadband and fixed-line household penetration, average penetration in GDP per capita decile
  • Bandwidth: used international bandwidth and growth rate, Internet bandwidth and growth rate during 2003-2013
  • Service pricing: 10 Mbps IP VPN pricing for select cities, Q2 2013

An interactive as well as a downloadable wallpaper version of the map are freely available.

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