NRI: Bhutan arrives with a bang. Pakistan, Bangladesh slide back. Nepal advances

Posted on April 24, 2014  /  0 Comments

I was looking for overall indicators for the Bhutan ICT sector a few years back. The only index that included Bhutan then was the ICT Development Index, published by the ITU. So I am happy that WEF has included Bhutan in the NRI for the first time. And they have placed at 94, ahead of all their S Asian peers other than Sri Lanka and India.

Pakistan and Bangladesh on the other hand have slid back by 6 and 5 places, respectively. Pakistan in now ranked 111th and Bangladesh 119th. And Nepal, which has barely had a functioning government advances three places to 123rd. My puzzlement will reach a new stage, if and when they overtake Bangladesh.

I noticed that being landlocked does not seem to hurt NRI rankings: Mongolia is ranked 61st and even little Lao is ahead of Pakistan.

2014 NRI report.

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