Policy window for improving broadband in India?

Posted on April 29, 2014  /  0 Comments

We rely on Kingdon’s concept of policy windows a lot. To effectively take research to policy, the necessary condition is a policy window: some kind of opening created in the “minds” of the relevant decision makers. It does not require much knowledge to postulate that current Indian election that will yield a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, whatever be the outcome, is such a window.

But there is more. All the parties are promising improved governance and delivery of government services using ICTs, as the attached slideset shows. There is no debate about the delayed NOFN initiative. So we can conclude that there is a shared assumption by all parties that it will be possible to improve governance and service delivery because the necessary condition of e connectivity exists. Only problem is that the assumption is wrong.

So whoever gets elected and forms a government will have to figure out how to push out broadband throughout the land and improve the quality in the places where it is available. It is clear that NOFN is inadequate for this purpose.

So we predict a policy, as opposed to political, window will open in the immediate aftermath of the election. If the sufficient condition of useful recommendations well communicated exists, the people of India will be well served.

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