The rise and rise of Facebook in Asia

Posted on April 24, 2014  /  0 Comments

Asia accounted for 31% monthly active Facebook users (390 million) in Asia until Q1 of 2014. When Facebook issues its Q2 figures, Asia is expected to be the bigger than the ‘rest of the world’ segment. The social media behemoth also has 21% daily active users (216 million) in Asia.

The ‘Asia’ chunk of the charts gets a lot slimmer when it comes to revenue. Facebook makes $0.93 per user in Asia – that’s its ARPU – but that’s below the global average of $2 per user. Facebook made $354 million (14.14%) in revenue from Asia out of its total of $2.5 billion in Q1. Facebook’s revenue dipped from Q4 last year to the most recent Q1. Asia has, however, managed to bring in the only regional revenue rise during that period.

Full presentation of Facebook’s earnings.

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