Myanmar: Telecom’s last frontier

Posted on May 31, 2014  /  0 Comments

Two years ago, with the help of Haymar Win Tun I published in a Myanmar newspaper a piece entitled “Myanmar is last in the world in telecoms: What can be done.” It was to be published in Bamar as well, but some sad events stopped that from happening.

I was happy to see a key concept in that article, that of the “late-starter advantage,” has got legs.

Myanmar’s dynamic and understudied market provides a singular chance to observe the “last-mover advantage” as it unfolds. Although Myanmar’s greenfield telecom market holds huge potential, opportunities must be viewed in light of real challenges, including lack of physical supporting infrastructure,poverty, human and institutional capacity and ongoing ethnic tensions. This report examines the current conditions of Myanmar’s supporting infrastructure, resource base, existing telecom landscape, policymaking apparatus and technology options to provide a realistic assessment of market opportunities in light of existing challenges.

The above quote comes from a report from the Pacfic Telecom Council, pulled together by Elizabeth Fife.

How to obtain the report.

I have a sidebar in it (pp. 8-11), but that is not why I recommend the whole report.

But things are moving fast in Myanmar, with Ooredoo scheduled to launch August 4th, with Telenor planning to have its network live in September. Read the report now,before it becomes history.

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