Who will help developing countries rethink the way they supply electricity?

Posted on May 6, 2014  /  0 Comments

The New York Times reported some exciting new changes that are in the works in New York, whereby the entire electricity model is being rethought.

New York State is proposing to turn its electric utilities into a new kind of entity that would buy electricity from hundreds or thousands of small generators and set prices for that electricity and for the costs of running the power grid.

The proposal anticipates a radically different electric system, dominated by decentralized production, much of it of renewable, intermittent energy sources like solar or wind power. The Public Service Commission is considering how the utilities would have to change.

Instead of distributing electricity themselves, the utilities would effectively direct traffic, coordinating distribution of electricity produced by a multitude of smaller entities, according to an outline published last month by the commission, which regulates utilities.

More than developed countries, developing countries need to rethink their electricity systems. What are the think tanks that will take the lead?

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