LIRNEasia ideas in July Echelon Magazine

Posted on July 16, 2014  /  0 Comments

There is a good article the mobile revolution by Nalaka Gunawardene in Sri Lanka’s best business magazine, Echelon. No surprise, he draws extensively on LIRNEasia research ranging from teleuse at the bottom of the pyramid through the work on the budget telecom network business model to our estimates of how many Internet users there are.

This is where you would look for the excerpt and the link to the article.

But Echelon is a young publication and they need to get their revenue model working. There is a lag between the ad revenue generating print version (out this week) and the possibly cost-causing online version. So it will take some time to read the article.

But there is more. An interview with LIRNEasia’s Advisory Board member Dr Partha Mukhopadhyay is also featured, under the heading Rethinking energy options. He was doing such a good job unpacking the data on the Sri Lanka electricity sector at the recent course that we taught that we thought more people should hear what he had to say. Thus the Echelon interview. Good stuff. He talks about the need to add gas to Sri Lanka’s energy mix.

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