Implementing public WiFi promise, starting from Khan Market

Posted on August 17, 2014  /  1 Comments

The policy statement of the new government headed by Narendra Modi promised to continue the NOFN initiative and work toward a Digital India: “We will strive to provide Wi-Fi zones in critical public areas in the next five years. My government will rollout broad band highway to reach every village and make all schools e-enabled in a phased manner. … Social Media will be used as a tool for; participative governance, directly engaging the people in policy making and administration.”

It appears the first public WiFi zone has been implemented at Khan Market, a pricey shopping zone frequented by expatriates. The second site in Connaught Place.

The project was supposed to be launched in July but got delayed due to various technical and logistical issues. The delay in the project is also attributed to concerns raised by some security agencies who have their offices in Connaught Place, NDMC officials said. They have raised objections that the transmission lines used for Wi-Fi services can interfere with their networks, they said. However, the civic agency has assured that the service providers have got the necessary security clearances from the department of telecom (DoT) for the project. “Five layers of security clearances have been passed by Vodafone and Tata. Transperency is a pre-requisite and the project can be physically monitored by DoT,” Mishra said

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