Telenor Myanmar betting on convenience, quality and cheap handsets

Posted on September 28, 2014  /  1 Comments

So Telenor is about to hit the market. They’ve got to work smarter, lacking the billions (USD 15, but I’ve heard even larger numbers) Ooredoo is committed to invest.

Being the late comer, Telenor is betting on service quality as well as extensive marketing network to ensure success.

While MPT assigned 13 companies and shops to sell its SIM cards, Telenor said that its products would be available at 1,500 shops in Mandalay alone. In direct competition against MPT, Telenor is also offering two low-cost mobile handsets, an entry level second-generation phone and entry level smart phone, for Ks 19,900 [USD 20] and Ks 49,900 [USD 50] respectively. Both include Internet bonus time.

Telenor Myanmar CEO Petter Furberg also said its Internet speed would be swifter than MPT’s even though it would use MPT’s fibre optic line. “We have provided extra equipment to upgrade the capacity. We may use the same fibre line, but the capacity has been significantly increased,” he said.

Furberg yesterday declined to provide figures on how many customers the company anticipated signing up, saying sales would “depend on whether people will like what we are selling or not”. “I do not want to speculate,” he added. Sales will depend on perceptions of the network’s quality and its pricing strategy, Furberg said, but he suggested that the company was preparing for a massive rush of customers to its service.


1 Comment