Talking e gov with the government of Sri Lanka

Posted on November 16, 2014  /  1 Comments

I’ve never had a conversation with a government before. But today they had assembled (almost) all the secretaries, all heads of government organizations including the heads of the armed forces and the police into one location. The government was launching its On(egov)ernment strategy, that has a whole of government approach that requires collaboration among government units.

I had no part in the best part of the program: putting all these senior people in groups and getting them to come up with ideas of new services that required cross-agency collaboration. My role was that of moderating the closing panel that was to pull together all the themes that had been discussed.

I was not expecting final, binding conclusions to be reached. But I do believe that there was a shift in thinking in that room. There will be changes. But it will need follow through.

1 Comment