Route diversity saves Bangladesh (for now)

Posted on January 21, 2015  /  2 Comments

Dyn SMW4SEA-ME-WE4, the only submarine cable of Bangladesh, has been down again for 10 days. This outage has affected the business of BSCCL, the state-owned subsea cable monopoly. Doug Madory of Dyn Research, the global Internet performance monitor company, has shared with me the diagnostic image of BSCCL traffic (Click on the thumbnail).

Evidently the six cross-border terrestrial operators of Bangladesh have been keeping Internet alive via India. There is, however, a huge risk. The six International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) operators are connected with their Indian counterparts through single cross-border cable. Hopefully, the ITC operators will expeditiously diverse their passage to India and safeguard their competitive edge.


  1. In order to do that, ITC operators has to make a significant investment & without a push from BTRC, I am afraid they will do it until or unless they see a business case there! BTRC has to come forward!