Lawful intercept challenges in Myanmar

Posted on May 17, 2015  /  0 Comments

Telenor Myanmar has reported how many lawful intercept requests ity received in the first six months of operation:

On the institutional side, the government still lacks the skills, process and willingness to make decisions, Furberg said, which can lead to delays.

“Corruption is still very high on our agenda,” he said, admitting that Telenor Myanmar has received one claim of corruption in its supply chain that it investigated but was unable to prove.

Telenor also has to tread carefully when law enforcement make requests for historical usage data about its customers to ensure it strikes the right balance between crime prevention and privacy.

“We can’t hand out information without a court order,” Furberg said, but at the moment it is not always clear which courts in Myanmar handle these cases.

So far, Telenor has received 15 requests for historical usage data and has complied with three, he said, which were linked with drug offences and missing persons.

Report from Total Tele.

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