Maternal Healthcare App, MayMay, excels at GTB Innovation and Telecom Asia Awards

Posted on May 29, 2015  /  0 Comments

Ooredoo Myanmar has received two international awards for its MayMay app, recognizing their innovative approach to helping ensure that vital maternal, child health and wellness information is available to women, particularly during and after pregnancy. The app bridges the mobile and health sectors to help ensure that a wealth of useful information is readily available to women across the country both during and after pregnancy.

Says Ross Cormack, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar “MayMay’ is a great example of how our team develops innovative, home-grown solutions that speak to real issues affecting people in Myanmar today.”

Today ‘MayMay’ has more than 11,000 users, emphasizing the growing demand for the service. It is free and can be accessed on iOS and Android.

For an app of this nature to have been developed, deployed and received in such a huge way in a country whose telecom industry was liberalized just a few years ago, this is certainly very encouraging to see.

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