Myanmar makes progress in telecom, but I have a few questions

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Some questions that came to mind as I read the report linked below.

Myanmar has 325 townships, the third level of administrative units. So, 199 out of 325 is pretty good. But is it that Telenor is in a central location in 199 townships or they cover the entirety of 199 townships?

How does Ooredoo calculate its population coverage? This is a tough measurement.

Does MPT have differential pricing? Has it dropped prices in cities where there is competition? Usually mobile prices are uniform across the country.

Because MPT is the sole provider in much of the countryside, its charges are high. But as the other two operators continue to expand that could change. “If the others extend their networks into MPT territory, I think MPT will lower their charges,” he added.

Ooredoo now covers 41 percent of the population, and has said it was aiming to cover 75pc by the end of the year. That would represent about 38.5 million, a huge leap from the 5.4 million users, or 10pc, of just a few years ago.

MPT will launch 3G service later this year and will extend its network to 70pc of the population by the end of 2016. Telenor covers 199 townships.

Myanmar Times report.

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