On the persistence of 2G and the short shelf life of 3G

Posted on June 27, 2015  /  0 Comments

Fifteen years ago, 2G was still the new, new thing. I recall asking the engineers at the TRC to present a comparative assessment of 2G and CDMA. Who would have thought it would outlast 3G? All thanks to M2M.

Tommi Uitto, SVP, global mobile broadband sales at Nokia, noted that operators are – even now – calling for an evolution of the legacy GSM standard to support its continued use in M2M.

“I hoped that we would just need LTE-M and 5G for the internet of things, but unfortunately it does seem as if we do still need a couple of improvements for GSM. We are aligned with our big customers, the operators, to make a couple of tweaks in terms of GSM capabilities.”

“The operators have so many of their enterprise customers still having GSM modules for machine-to-machine out there,” he said. “And there are interesting problems out there: they can’t find them, they don’t know where they are, they’ve lost the ability to go and replace them. So there’s a practical need to get even more out of what is already there.”

The report.

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