Changing business strategies in Myanmar

Posted on January 31, 2016  /  0 Comments

We used to say that the only certainty about demand forecasts for telephony in developing economies was that they were wrong. It appears the same may apply to business strategies. Telenor had more demand for data than they envisaged. Ooredoo is planning to mass market data?

Ooredoo’s focus on costlier data services, however, has meant that it fell behind its rivals in signing up subscribers: MPT boasts 18 million customers, while Telenor has 12 million.

In a bid to bridge the gap, Meza said Ooredoo had slashed data prices from 10 kyat ($0.009) per MB to 6 kyat per MB last year and would also expand its distribution network.

“The initial approach when we launched services was not a mass market approach,” said Meza, who took over as CEO last year. “As you can imagine, it is a fast moving market. One year of delay, in terms of the right commercial execution, basically means the gap that you see in the market today.”


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