10 years of work presented at SEI-Asia

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I was invited to share my research with Stockholm Environment Institute Asia office in Bangkok. The intention was for SEI-Asia Researchers to possibly identify any areas for collaboration. I themed my talk on “ICT4D action research in Early Warning Systems”. It has been 10 years since I first began my research work in December of 2005.

It was important to first establish an abstract definition of an EWS. The definition, initially transcribed from [1] into the Wikipedia by me, has now evolved in to the accepted Wikipedia definition for an EWS. Other authors have contributed since then.

The discussion was anchored on the HazInfo (Community-based EWS), mobile-Health in Epidemiology, Voice-enabled ICT in Emergency Comm, and ICT in Agriculture. Works that is still in the mill are: pictographs for alerting, classification of EWS, and ICT Resilience for Emergency Comms.

THE SLIDE DECK (presented on 13 Jan 2016)

[1] Waidyanatha, Nuwan (2010). “Towards a typology of integrated functional early warning systems”. International Journal of Critical Infrastructures. No 1 6: 31–51. doi:10.1504/ijcis.2010.029575

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