Why does the government have to do everything?

Posted on March 28, 2016  /  0 Comments

e-sri-lankaI am sitting here at a World Bank consultation on setting priorities for Bank lending in 2017-22.

I was shocked by some of the comments, an example being: why isn’t there government-provided training for BPM?

It seems that people are still stuck in government-centric thinking.

What is the track record of government in providing training for globally-competitive industries? It has been a spectacular failure, except perhaps the case of the German Tech Institute, which is an extraordinary resource for Australia.

It also shows ignorance of what has been done in the recent past. Under e Sri Lanka, we asked the World Bank to provide funds that could be used by qualified firms to obtain needed training. We excluded the option of government directly supplying training because we learned from the answer to the above question.

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