Much to learn about platforms, but that will not necessarily hold back regulators . . .

Posted on May 29, 2016  /  1 Comments

Saxo_bank_trading_platformsCurrent research on micro-work platforms has given LIRNEasia much to think about. The conditions for successful participation in platforms are quite different in developing economies than in the developed economies they originate in. But that does not mean we should over regulate them, or regulate them badly. There is a lot of good innovation happening here, that requires space.

We hope to address the questions raised in this article in the Economist, that concludes as follows:

Regulators still have much to learn about how to deal with platforms. But they have no choice but to get more expert. As Martin Bailey, who heads the commission’s efforts to create a single digital market, told the Lords committee: “There is hardly an area of economic and, arguably, social interaction these days that is left untouched by platforms in some way.” That is true far beyond the borders of Europe.

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  1. The following piece in the Financial express by me that appeared in December has some cues on how to regulate platforms: