How meatspace is becoming more like cyberspace

Posted on July 16, 2016  /  0 Comments

Renault_LRIn cyberpunk novels, the world of face-to-face interactions is called meatspace. Everyone knows what cyberspace is. The doyen of cyberpunk William Gibson invented the term.

Surveillance is built into cyberspace. In the case of consumption activities, surveillance allows the marketer to “know” what the prospective customer wants and to shape her desires through targeted and customized messages. In internal discussions about data collection, I used the case of outdoor hoardings as the example of dumb advertising. But it looks like things are changing.

The tech, created by Ocean Outdoor, allows Renault to target stationary traffic to advertise its latest Renault Mégane model. It is able to identify the make, model and colour of stationary vehicles from their number plates and then serve the occupants content based on audience demographics and data relevant to their vehicle.

The campaign, which was produced by Publicis, involves Renault displaying a personalised message to consumers driving past Holland Park roundabout in West London and challenging them to a game of ‘I spy’. Messages could include ‘Hello, you in the silver hatchback’.


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