Ford Foundation supported course on broadband policy in India

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Sixth course of the series of courses funded by Ford Foundation on “How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processors” is currently being held in IIT Delhi. This course is co directed by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva and Dr. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan.

Sessions are conducted by well renowned industry professionals, researchers from think tanks, academics and retired government officials of broadband policy sector in India.  Twenty Four participants were selected for this course out of 112 applicants based on gender, discipline and sector of the applicants to ensure diversity. The interest to engage in broadband policy and regulatory processes was also considered in the selection process.











By the end of the course, participants will develop a policy brief and do a presentation in the form of a mock public hearing. Unlike previous courses, this course consists of a assignment on a consultation paper recently released by TRAI.
For more information on the course, please refer the course syllabus.

For photos of the event click here





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