Linking the Asia Pacific Information Superhighway to the user experience and Internet takeup in the Asia Pacific

Posted on August 26, 2016  /  1 Comments

s-e30de73d63d1ab5e2dd3f96e7c793eeaf00d1918UN ESCAP has just put up a video of an interview I gave them a while back. Listening to it again, it seems that they succeeded in getting me to weave together a number of strands of work undertaken by LIRNEasia over the years, including broadband quality of service, importance of low-cost reliable international backhaul, and broadband eco systems.

The one additional element is a discussion of leaders of tomorrow, making reference to MIDO and what’s happening in Myanmar as well our work with big data. This starts midway in the interview (2:28). I did not recall this part. I guess they liked it, and edited down the rest.

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  1. Thank you Professor for giving us this very insightful interview. I did not edit any of it out. It also fits well together with your colleague Mr. Khan’s interview