India Connected: Book and a panel discussion

Posted on October 18, 2016  /  0 Comments

digital-india-programIt appears that Govt of India is excited about the digital India, specially the use of social media. Last week, I had the pleasure of listening to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Col Rajvardhan Rathore who released the book entitled, ‘India Connected’. In his short speech he highlighted the importance of social media and how its impacting the governance and other related industries. Looks like the minister is a nice and warm person and would be interested in listening to researchers. The edited book covers all possible areas of ICTs in India and makes an interesting read for beginners. Full content is here:

In a panel discussion after the book release, need for regulation on content was raised. I politely, but strongly disagreed that focus should be more on increasing access rather than on what people are writing. During the tea session, I could sense the need for capacity building in social media landscape among the policy makers. I have co-written a chapter arguing that new media in governance has reduced corruption and enhanced transparency, using two cases, and was also a panelist.

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