First coverage for 2016 Myanmar teleuse study

Posted on December 17, 2016  /  0 Comments

Helani Galpaya, along with MIDO’s research team, released in Yangon the results of the second teleuse survey conducted in Myanmar earlier in 2016. The first coverage:

People would only enjoy the fruits of digital development when the country overcame difficulties in promoting digital literacy skills, the survey said.

According to the survey, 78 per cent of mobile handsets had access to internet, similar to the smartphone usage in the US.

Mobile phone ownership had increased from 57 per cent in February 2015 to 83 per cent, it said. Almost every household owned more than two SIM cards while about 61 per cent of households had TV and only 16 per cent had a radio.

Smartphones had become the most important and useful medium among people, with Facebook an effective tool of communication, said CEO Helani Galpaya of the LIRNEasia.


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