Hard objects that make up the Internet

Posted on December 1, 2016  /  0 Comments

The book “Tubes” by Andrew Blum has been in the LIRNEasia office since 2013. The idea that there was a hard infrastructure making the Internet possible is not novel for people like us who live with the Internet failing for our people in Myanmar and Bangladesh and various other places frequently.

But this is a good read in Quartz:

Mobile networks and cloud computing make the internet feel seamlessly invisible. But behind phones, apps and laptops lies a physical infrastructure with cables and buildings that shuttle and store our all of our information. For its ubiquity, the nuts and bolts of the web isn’t necessarily the most immediately visible. But whether stored in massive data centers built in rural expanses away from large cities, or tucked into high rises amidst large population centers, the internet is indeed still a physical object.

I would not describe concrete bunkers as beautiful, but I find them fascinating.

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