Is the lack of women using Facebook in India a problem?

Posted on January 28, 2017  /  0 Comments

For some, Facebook is a bad thing. That was an underlying theme of the opposition to Free Basics and zero rating. I guess having less women use a bad thing is good, so they should be happy.

The fact remains that Facebook is the most popular app, the killer app that everyone was looking for. So even if it does not meet the standards of the purists, very low use by women should be of concern to pragmatists. Of course, having women unrepresented means Facebook can’t sell as much advertising as it could if they were:

Less than a quarter of India’s women being on Facebook also has implications for big brands. If a business wants to market to women on the web, they’re not likely to find them on Facebook. That’s bad news for Zuckerberg’s social network as it makes nearly all of its revenue – 97.2 percent – from advertising.

“We are committed to bringing women online through various initiatives as the internet gives women a voice and allows their voices to be heard,” said a Facebook spokesperson when asked about the gender imbalance and its effect on Facebook’s advertising business. “We require a multi-stakeholder effort to correct the gap.”

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