Mytel’s formula for success in 2018

Posted on January 20, 2017  /  0 Comments

The fourth operator in the now mature Myanmar telecom market is Mytel. Sometime back I wrote about its secret sauce. In addition to confirming the use of military facilities, the company says that it will gain access to AAE-1 to ensure a good Internet experience for its customers.

The Star High – MEC connection gives MyTel access to 1,000 towers and over 13,000 kilometres of fibre, plus other MECTel telecoms assets, thus transforming the viability of the business case for the new market entrant. According to an MPT spokesperson “As a general principle, the idea is to leverage MECTel’s assets, at least those ones that can be commercially used, as well as the existing subscriber base”.

The new operator will focus on rural coverage, aiming to reach nationwide coverage within the first year of operation and extend access to 95 per cent of the population within three years. The network will operate in the 900MHz and 2.1GHz bands. Mytel says it hopes to double current available mobile internet speeds with a target of 3mbps per user. Mytel has also announced it will connect to the AAE-1 (Asia-Africa-Europe) submarine cable with state-owned MPT controlling the land based access point into Myanmar.


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