Inclusive Internet, a new composite index that places India ahead of all S Asian nations

Posted on March 2, 2017  /  0 Comments

I always thought that composite indexes were unfair to India. However much India tried and whatever were its ICT achievements, they would all be diluted by the sheer number of Indians. The e Readiness Index that used to be published by the Economist Intelligence Unit used to be one exception. But then they stopped publishing it. Now the EIU is back with the new index and unsurprisingly, India does well in it too: 36th out of 75. DR Congo brings up the rear and Singapore is number 1.

But let us look at South Asia.

India is 36th (good, but behind Indonesia (35th) and Vietnam (32nd))
Sri Lanka is 41st (as expected, way behind where it should be given its per capita GDP)
Philippines is 43rd
Maldives is 44th (does not get the benefit of having 300,000 people and loads of tourists)
Bangladesh is 46th (not bad to be 7 places ahead of Pakistan)
Pakistan is 53rd (I am sure the GSMA, which keeps giving various awards to PK ministers will be happy with this)
Myanmar is 54th (behind in this Index, though ahead of BD and PK in others; Great that it no longer has a lock on last place in SE Asia)
Cambodia is 55th
Nepal is 56th

Hopefully, we’ll able to say something more about the quality of their methodology after studying it.

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