Gates Foundation mobile money study in Myanmar leverages LIRNEasia survey results

Posted on April 30, 2017  /  0 Comments

We have been an open research organization from the outset. Now our funders have made it a requirement. The principal rationale is that we want our research to be used.

The nationally representative survey referred to below, by the authors of a major Gates funded study on mobile financial services, is our 2016 survey.

Our research team conducted a country-level diagnostic that leveraged data from the Central Bank, Ministry of Communications, the three telecommunication companies operating in Myanmar, Facebook, Viber, a nationally representative Information and Communication Technology survey of 7,500 households, and recent census data from the UNFPA.

We also talked with more than 150 people in rural and urban areas about their mobile phone usage, financial lives, challenges and hopes—farmers, fish mongers, street peddlers, migrant workers, smartphone salespeople, construction crews, janitors, government clerks, small shopkeepers, teens, couples on dates, women in savings groups, and widows in rural villages.

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