The new regulation? Courtesy of Facebook

Posted on April 29, 2017  /  0 Comments

Facebook has published a 13-page “white paper” on the ways by which its platform has been, and continues to be, used for information operations by various actors including state actors. The document presents certain remedial actions being taken by Facebook, most relying on anomaly detection techniques from data analytics and natural language processing.

Providing a platform for diverse viewpoints while maintaining authentic debate and discussion is a key component of Facebook’s mission. We recognize that, in today’s information environment, social media plays a sizable role in facilitating communications — not only in times of civic events, such as elections, but in everyday expression. In some circumstances, however, we recognize that the risk of malicious actors seeking to use Facebook to mislead people or otherwise promote inauthentic communications can be higher. For our part, we are taking a multifaceted approach to help mitigate these risks:
• Continually studying and monitoring the efforts of those who try to negatively manipulate civic discourse on Facebook;
• Innovating in the areas of account access and account integrity, including identifying fake accounts and expanding our security and privacy settings and options;
• Participating in multi-stakeholder efforts to notify and educate at-risk people of the ways they can best keep their information safe;
• Supporting civil society programs around media literacy.

Link to White Paper.

The reason a White Paper is published is to elicit responses. Those concerned about “private regulation” should study the document and make their views known.

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