Japanese managed state-owned telco in Myanmar still leads

Posted on May 7, 2017  /  0 Comments

MPT claims to have 25 million active SIMs and 98 percent population coverage. From the refusal to answer the question re data usage, it appears that the data consumption is less than on Ooredoo and Telenor. But this is a strong performance and testimony to the wisdom of the decision to change the internal culture of the company by bringing in external management.

“We have thousands of towers, the number of which is increasing almost daily,” Amamiya said. “We use the 900MHz spectrum that can cover a greater area with fewer towers needed. Combined with strategic placement, we are able to reach over 98 per cent population coverage, and have a robust network that delivers quality and capacity over 3G and soon 4G.”

According to Amamiya, the company has more than 25 million active SIMs in circulation, and it is looking to grow its user base with further improvements to network coverage “to deliver the best services to the whole of Myanmar”.

When asked about data usage on MPT network, he said, “In common with the whole of Myanmar, data is a very important service for our customers. We have a number of attractive data packs on offer, and expect that over the next three years that data consumption will only increase along with demand for more capacity.”


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