Greater spectrum flexibility will speed up 4G availability in Myanmar

Posted on June 4, 2017  /  0 Comments

I have yet to receive a good answer to the question of why regulators require specific spectrum bands to be used for specific modes of “last mile” technologies. The most persuasive reasons have been tied to revenue maximization for government. The technical reasons are not very persuasive.

It appears the Myanmar government is going to make USD 80 million x 3 (or 4) by giving this authorization. But anyway, it is good that 4G is being rolled out in this country where most phones are smartphones and are thus likely to be able to use 4G with just a change in settings.

Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), Telenor Myanmar Limited, and Ooredoo Myanmar Limited were granted permission by the Posts and Telecommunications Department, that falls under under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, to use the band.

The Department had granted permission to use the 2x10MHz that comes with a 12-year validity licence, on May 15.

According to the Ministry’s official webpage, permission was granted to mobile operators which have acquired nationwide telecommunications licence.

It also said that the operators will have to pay a fee of US$80million in order to use the band.

Meanwhile, MPT announced on Monday that with the rights obtained to utilize the Ministry’s designated 1800MHz/1.8GHz, it will also be expanding its network to 4G.


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