Who is not in the business of selling insights from TGD?

Posted on June 10, 2017  /  0 Comments

When I was living in US Midwest, Delphi was a familiar name. It was a company that employed thousands to make original equipment for vehicles. But now, according to NYT, Delphi is positioning itself to be a player in the data business:

Delphi hopes to create a new business that can gather vast amounts of data from vehicles — about how and where they go, how they’re driven and how they’re running. The company then envisions selling insights drawn from the data trove to automakers, insurance companies and possibly even advertisers.

A driver who frequently drives to Starbucks locations, for example, could be targeted with Starbucks coupons via email or text. Someone whose data shows a pattern of gentle driving could be offered lower insurance rates, said David Ploucha, the president and co-founder of Control-Tec, a start-up Delphi acquired for $124 million as part of this data business strategy.

This does not seem to be big data, as such, but detailed insights from individual drivers/passengers (if the vehicle is driverless).

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