Role of content providers (otherwise known as OTTs) in international backhaul

Posted on July 6, 2017  /  0 Comments

In a “parable” I wrote some time back, I indicated that it made sense for companies such as Google to build their own international backhaul capacity or enter into joint ventures to build the cables. Telegeography says it is so:

But there is a cautionary note. A lot of the build—or a lot of the demand for new capacity build is coming from content providers. Really big content providers. And within that group just a handful of companies. They are generally wanting to either build cables themselves or share the costs of new builds. So that is capacity that wholesale providers—and there are still wholesale providers in the industry—will not really be able to capitalize on too much. They won’t be able to sell lit services to those companies. So there’s a big chunk of demand that appears to be available to them, that is not.

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