How websites are blocked and unblocked in Bangladesh

Posted by on June 8, 2018  /  0 Comments

There are clearly defined legal procedures to punish a convict. But the blocking or unblocking of a website remains vague in Bangladesh. Recently the government has asked all international internet gateway (IIG) providers to block a URL of Daily Star. The IIGs have ended up with blocking access to the website instead, as they couldn’t block the the URL of a particular news.

It has confused everyone. Publication of the newspaper’s print edition was on while browsing its website from Bangladesh remained suspended. Finally, the embargo was lifted but Daily Star has failed to explore this episode.

BTRC acting chairman Jahurul Haque said he could not disown the matter but added, “I don’t know everything about the issue”.

Man heading the national regulatory agency must know everything about any punitive measure his office takes. Otherwise, it compromises his authority and opens the floodgate of extra-judicial interventions. And that sprouts mistrust among the public.

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