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The Vietnamese government has been uncomfortable with the exaggerated number of subscribers the industry claims. Growth rate and market share are the fundamental motivation of such misleading statistics. Last year the government said, “Enough is enough.” Lately the country’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has revealed around half of the SIM cards recorded as customers by the operators are actually in use, according to Cellular News. There is nothing wrong about it as the usage of multiple SIM is part of life across the developing world.
In yet another blow to the existing GSM operators, the Communication Ministry has decided to auction spectrum for third generation (3G) mobile services and wireless broadband services through technologies such as Wi-Max. The auction will be open to new companies wanting to foray into the telecom sector as well as established foreign telecom players. The existing operators had wanted the auction for 3G services to be limited to the licence holders. The Ministry’s decision to open up the bidding to all players is also a move away from the telecom regulator’s recommendations that it be restricted to existing operators. The move gives a chance to the likes of Deutsche Telecom, AT&T and new Indian players such as Unitech and Hindujas, which may not get spectrum in the 2G band given the huge rush, to enter the high growth telecoms market.
As part of the Six Country Indicators Project, Divakar presents the interim findings from the Indonesia country study. The study assesses Indonesia’s telecom sector and regulatory performance. It employs the common methodology and list of indicators adopted for the Six Country study.