Tahani Iqbal presented on Mobile Number Portability in South Asia at the recently concluded ACORN-REDECOM Conference 2011, in Lima, Peru. The presentation was made during the Mobile Policies and Pricing session on Day 1, and was followed by a presentation by Alison Gilwalld (of RIA,, LIRNEasia’s sister network in Africa). The conference aimed to bring together scholars and members from the private sector and regulators to learn from the studies and experiences that they encounter as they work in the field of ICT policy. The event was held from May 19-20, 2011, and was organized by Instituto del Perú.
DIRSI and ACORN-REDECOM (Americas Communication Research Network / Red Americana de Investigación en Información y Comunicación) are organizing a Training Seminar on New Technologies and their Challenges for Telecommunications Regulation in Latin America. The seminar will be held on May 13 2010, immediately prior to ACORN-REDECOM’s 4th annual conference in Brasilia. LIRNEasia’s CEO, Dr. Rohan Samarajiva will deliver the opening lecture on “:State of the art in telecom regulation around the world”. The seminar seeks to provide an overview of key regulatory issues in the ICT industry today, and to help develop the necessary tools to understand the implications of new technologies for spectrum allocation, universal access programs, competition policy and ICT-enabled economic development.