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LIRNEasia’s concerns re the quality of ITU’s way of counting Internet users are well known. In addition to relying on arbitrary multipliers, they are slow in producing the data. It’s now the second half of 2016, and the most current data from the ITU is from 2014. In a rapidly changing sector like ICTs, this is ancient history. So I hope I will be forgiven for claiming that Facebook user numbers which are from 2016 are a better indicator that ITU’s obsolete and questionable indicator.
Findings from LIRNEasia’s bi-annual price benchmarks study for February 2009 (a part of LIRNEasia’s continuing program on Indicators for 2008-10 ) is available for download below: Mobile Price Benchmarks: South Asia Mobile Price Benchmarks: Southeast Asia Broadband Price Benchmarks: South and Southeast Asia International Voice Benchmarks The findings are from the month of February. The next publication will be in September. Previous publications are available at