Bharti Airtel to launch Sri Lanka operations in December 2008

Posted on November 4, 2008  /  142 Comments

Leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel will launch operations in Sri Lanka in December, a top official announced on Monday.

“We will roll out the services next month as all formalities are done and issues relating to inter-connectivity have been sorted out,” Bharti Enterprises vice-chairman and managing director Rajan Mittal told reporters in New Delhi.

The telecom giant had been facing problems of inter-connection, with local carriers not willing to give inter-connections to the company.

Source: Hindustan Times, Nov 04


  1. Are they [b]REALLY REALLY[/b] gonna launch in December?

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  3. As a engineerig student in university of moratuwa I am watting for you.I like to join with you

    BH udara srimal. 2008.11.05

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  5. Sunil Priyantha Weerasinghe

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  7. I am Dampella living in hikkaduwa. I was doing business in telecominucations in italy last couple of years. I would like to start here and I have a place in galle road, Hikkaduwa. so I would like to join with you.


  8. Im waiting for airtell in sri lanka.Please inform me your package charges and etc..
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  17. I expect that Airtel would supply a satisfying service to Srilankans, I do further show my interest on this New operation to which i intend giving my fullest support! I do not even mind being one of the distributors in Kandy, Srilanka.

    Thank you!

    Best wishes!

  18. Mr Sunil Bharati Mitfal
    Chairman / Managing Director
    Bharati Airtel Ltd
    Qutab Ambience (at Qutab Minar)
    Mehrauli Road
    New Delhi – 110030

    Dear Mr Mitfal

    We are well aware about Airtel’s future presence in Sri Lanka, the giant in telecommunication arena and we as people from southern region of the country, are warmly welcome your business ventures in our country.

    While greatly admiring your invaluable past performances and future strategies towards the business initiatives in Sri Lanka , we shall earnestly invite your esteemed company to select our geographical area (Ambalangoda , a main city in Southern Region – 80 Kms from Capital city of Colombo) as your propaganda , sales & marketing destination / center in Southern part of Sri Lanka , the first overseas business extension destination.

    – Dhananjaya Nandasiri-

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  22. Hi AIR TEL,
    We awiting 4 ur arrival to sri lanka. But u taking loang time
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  23. hi hope really hope u’d b here soon… n at least please confirm a launching day soon n please let us know your call charges.. and yeah will u bring the apple iphone 3G here? how much would it be? hope it wn’t b d sme price in India.. :) tnx

  24. Hi I am a Telecom Engineer. Presently I am working for Huawei-Airtel Project in Srilanka as a Project Engineer. I am an employee of ICOMM International Lanka (Pvt)Ltd.I expect that airtel will satisfy all Srilankan’s Customers and surely it will become NO 1 service provider in srilanka.

    Best wishes for you

  25. I hope dey ll begin der commercial operations in december. Since da inter connection issue is sorted out, we can xpect der launch. Sometimes da launch can be in January 2009 also. Since rumors spredin about der price plans, one thing fr sure….dey ll battle with vry low prices. I think Airtel will focus on bringin der full product portfolio (like digital TV, fixed connetions, broadband internet etc.) gradually 2 Sri Lankan market in da comin years.

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  27. I rememebr that guy from competitor name of Mr Wijesooriya or i cant remeber his exact name. he spel out and never believes air tell will come to market and challenege it is merly a words in a mouth.
    air tell is big pit nothing can acheieve here, inter-conection fee is a false there is no any bareier for this type of issues, predicting that they have no foot in sri lanka i asked where is Mr Wijesooriya and his view,

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  30. Great. We are awaiting a good service from the company as it has already earned a good reputation throughout the globe. Hope to change my SIM as and when the airtel comes up, as current mobile operators dont give a proper service for the money paid by us. I too worked in the telco industry and realize the pressure its getting from Airtel’s news in coming in to the market. As you can see most of the massive mobile operators in Sri Lanka are facing many many cost issues and are loosing its expected profit drastically. So i guess its a good start. I recently went to the Airtel’s office at Narahenpita to see whether they accept bookings for the same number. But still :(. Is there any way we could book a SIM from now it self.
    Mail me if so

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  34. Great move. We need some strong hand to take up the competition. As we know your company is well established and financially sound. Awaiting for ever best package for Sri Lankan to breath freely at end of every month. Wish you all the best and good luck.

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  53. Thanks for the space again , these days this is highly compettitive market in the asians , since SMS and other IT delealing highly spred in the asians . Soi it is not much easy , I will have some business plan as a way to developed Asian cultures with normes and values , so some companies are using the word be lankan and buy lankans , but only warding every thing except commecials he or she or their family using foreign things , so you may have to use the techniques fited to that , onething already with you use the 7 P market promortional mix with nature friedly environemnt loving way , then every body will come and see the benifit , thses days every body need change security for their love one , so come with efortable manner . dont put any hidden cost , some are cahrging for seconds but final bill no diferance , go with genuin way that is the way to win one he will bring 10 more it is the way .

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  54. its me Aadhil from Mawanella,, We are all waiting for Air tell,, When will you launch in Sri Lanka?

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    I have a michnical Engineering Diploma(NDES) .I would like to apply for a vacancy in Airtel.Please inform me your package charges and etc..
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  57. Dear Sir,
    i am waiting for long time to get airtel connection but .when is going to actually launch airtel in sri lanka . But they have given several time this will start on August 2008, After December but still not started.

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  74. AIRTEL
    TRUE OR FAKE??????????????????????
    They have to wait for a long time to capture the srilankan mobile market.Even Dialog telekom became as a NO 01 mobile service provider after 10yrs from they started.I don’t believe that its is easy to convince the srilankan people in to them.They have to wait for a along time.

  75. I really happy about Airtel launched in Sri Lanka, and send me you packges and prices. I hope that you will give us good service. my heartiest congratulation for you company

  76. I hope that Airtell will give us an outstanding service. We will really like to get your fast and fascinating service.I always hope that you will give us the optimistic. please never frustrate us ourselves like other communication services.This is my congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

  77. I don’t think Airtel has a 3.5G capability.(Even in India)So how would we hope they will introduce HSDPA in Sri Lanka? Their broadband capacity is 2MB D.Link speed (max.)in India (as they said in their website).They powered their internet by DSL tecnology; not WiMax.(WiMax is the newest & fastest method to transmit microwave all over the parts of the island.That’s why LankaBell also used WiMax tecnology.Indeed Wimax is 4G!)How would they launch 3.5G?In meanwhile Dialog has evaluating HSPA+ capability!(If you want more info about ‘HSPA+’ mail tome will Introduce it near future!

    Anyway(however broadband)in the GSM arena Airtel wiil success.According to the gossips they will carry lowest rates in Sri Lanka.So I congratulate them. Thnx for coming SL GSM industry.

  78. Dear Moderator,

    By looking at this blog post, which i can observe is that, there are some people who wants to make this topic always active by putting up nonsense posts just saying ‘Welcome Airtel, We are waiting for you’, ‘I love you Airtel’, ‘My ass is always with you, airtel’, ‘Airtel, you are my life’…etc etc. What does this mean?

    I can clearly say one thing, LIRNEASIA is giving free publicity to a cellular company who hasn’t even launch yet, while there are so many valuable players in the market.

    This is the first post
    “Bharti Airtel hopes to enter Sri Lankan telecom market this year”

    There is one more topic;
    “Bharti Airtel to launch Sri Lanka operations in December 2008″

    Another one;
    “Sri Lanka: Bharti Airtel – Coming soon?”

    All these three topics are really really active…
    But non of them are info-rich. They all just bullshit, with some idiotic wishes & complements.

    Next thing is, we are at the end of 2008, end of December. But we don’t see any sign of ‘Airtel’ launch in Sri Lanka. So, what’s the meaning of this topic? Does this topic valid after this year. You can keep this topic forever, if you want to keep alive the shitting memories ‘Airtel’ launch in Srilanka. It just refreshes the inefficiency of an unsuccessful investment.

    I can see one CSR activity by keeping this topic further open. That is you are providing a solution to ‘Unemployment’ in Srilanka. I don’t know, how many Srilankans found jobs via this post, which is truely amazing. Keep it up LIRNEASIA. You are doing a great job.

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  80. It will be a long wait for Airtel fan(atic)s

    Airtel launch delayed

    Launch plans of Bharti Airtel Lanka (Airtel), the Sri Lankan arm of a leading Indian mobile operator, has been delayed as the company’s Indian parent has still not granted sanction to start operations as yet, according to senior telecom industry officials. “Airtel was looking at launching somewhere on December 23, and they said that this is a tentative date as the company still has not got approval from their head office in India for the launch date,” one industry official told The Sunday Times FT.

    He said it might well be launched next year. Airtel officials were unavailable for comment. Airtel which is the fifth operator cleared some issues last month with the existing operators – Dialog, Mobitel, Tigo and Hutch on Interconnection Charges last month.

    An industry analyst said the increasing cut throat competition amongst the existing competitors has triggered a price war in the industry. “Airtel’s impending launch has aggravated this situation,” he added.

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  91. We warmly welcome you.

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  96. Could you tell me when I have register in order to get a Airtel phone connected? and please let me know the call charges or tariff to my mail add. If not can I have a contact telephone number in Sri Lanka – Colombo District so that I can clarify my doubts.

    Thank You in advance..

  97. hey Guys & Gals,
    Do you believe that Airtel is coming here because of their kindness towards Sri Lankans..? oh..I don’t believe…coz I know much about Airtel & following facts will guide you..(I challenge Airtel to give counter arguments for those..)

    1. Airtel is using cheapest Chinese Equipments, that’s why they can come with lower charges

    2. The performance will degrade very sooner (less than 1 year), then all the subscribers will have to suffer.

    3. they are coming with both 2G & 3G…still now they are struggling with 2G (GSM). The products they’ve used for 2G are from the rejected brand from most of other Operators. Therefor their 2G (GSM) network is still having many problems & it’ll be one of worst network in the World

    4. their delay in launching in Sri Lanka was mainly due to Point (3)

    5. Airtel’s performance in India is no doubt. Its superior. the simple reason is they use high quality European product. But how can we have a guarantee of similar performance here with these Chinese low quality products..?

    6. Just think about Global Trends. In future Indians & Chinese will enter into world market & they’ll extract all the profits from other Nations. (Airtel is coming with both Chinese & Indian involvement- this will not be good for Sri Lanka in future)

    7. Bharathi (india) Airtel’s one of major intentions is to use Sri Lanka as a place for their Testings (as a test bed). This will cause high power, Microwave emissions which can cause for health effects (headache, Cancer..Gene Abnormalities)

    Above are only some facts…Sri Lankans, You may know some other facts too…specially People from Technical Areas may add more into this.

    Lets see the things with open mind…this is our country, we are Sri Lankans…!!

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  102. I Like to Join with You. I Believe you will be a best telecommunication provider in Srilanka recently.

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  120. hellO!!!!!!!!!!! already I’ve done the registration and I want to knOW ABOUT THE AIRTEL post paid rates! SO ARGENT!If you can make it now its great! send me the informations to my email.

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