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An article in the Sunday Times, Sri Lanka features the 3R (reduce-reuse-recycle) work done by the Girl Guides Association of Sri Lanka, administratively/logistically supported by LIRNEasia and funded by IDRC.  More information on LIRNEasia’s 3R project is available here.

In recent years they have designed projects such as 3R which stands for the three-fold environmental concept of reduce, reuse and recycle, and several other environment related projects. Their current focus is on the environment to be in tow with the United Nation’s (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

A 3R Community Programme was launched recently, organised by the Project Executive Hemamali Rajapaksa, which is a scheme that undertakes environmental conservation related activity on religious holidays.
In an effort to reduce the litter of polythene bags at Adam’s Peak (also known as Sripadaya), the girl guides gave the pilgrims cloth bags in exchange for their polythene bags on April 4-5. According to Hemamali the project was an incredible success and workers at Adam’s Peak were so impressed by the dedication of the girls who carried out their duties in the rain, they volunteered to continue the effort.

“We tend to work in trienniums, national, regional and world level. The Girl Guides is a world movement and a lot of what we do is centered around what is set at a world level. In 2007 we started a new triennium, and since at world level they have implemented a global action theme as they have committed themselves to working with the United Nations, supporting their Millennium Development Goals, we are focusing on the current goal- goal 7 of the UN MGD, which is to ‘Ensure Environmental Sustainability’. Our corresponding gat message is that girls across the world say ‘we can save our planet,’ specially now with the drastic climate change.

Read the full article here.

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