Shaping broadband quality in the Philippines

Posted by Shazna Zuhyle on November 28, 2014  /  1 Comments

NTC hearing (Nov 7 14)_Table

NTC Hearing November 2014; Credits: Eng. Benjz Gerard Sevilla



NTC hearing (Nov 7 14)

Grace presenting LIRNEasia research; Credits: Alvin M. de Gracia


Broadband in the Philippines has been receiving a lot of negative press. LIRNEasia research confirms the poor quality received in Manila. In response, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) called for a public consultation for which LIRNEasia responded to. The regulator has been granted P 15.5 million (2015) for the benchmarking of broadband quality of all service providers. Our response, based one past research, included details on on how diagnostics for broadband quality ought to be conducted, the relevance of each broadband parameter and how it affects the user experience as well as suggested threshold values. Following the receipt of all responses the NTC held a public hearing and consultation on “minimum broadband speed connections”. Research Fellow Grace Mirandilla-Santos attended the workshop and actively participated in the discussions that followed. The main points communicated on multiple occasions to the Filipino authorities are available here.

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