Measuring the Internet and Meeting Vint Cerf

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A month late, but this happened in Washington D.C in August 2018.

10 years ago New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) founded Measurement Lab (M-Lab) with PlanetLab (Princeton University) and Google (Open Source Research) during which time Vint Cerf was present. For all of us who attended the conference in celebration of MLab’s 10th anniversary his presence was the highlight.

Greg Russell (M-Lab / Google) asking Vint Cerf a question. 
Shazna Zuhyle (LIRNEasia) looks on in awe at one of the 
founders of TCP/IP.
Photo credits: Measurement Lab 10th Anniversary photostream

The conference was structured slightly differently, with each speaker providing a pitch on his/her research and the larger group joining break out sessions based on research interests. LIRNEasia has been engaging in broadband Quality of Service measures since 2008, and in keeping with the changes of the uses of the Internet (e.g. access via mobile devices taking precedence) we have engaged with M-Lab in our efforts of benchmarking quality of service experienced by end users. As such, LIRNEasia was invited to share our research.


Lightening talk on use of ICTs in the Global South and why 
Broadband Quality of Service Experience is pertinent
Photo credits: Measurement Lab 10th Anniversary photostream

A panel discussion on Internet policy issues and models in which we operate was also conducted during lunch. The European Net Neutrality measures were highlighted as a current topic of relevance to Internet policy by Thomas Lohninger, while I spoke of the way in which LIRNEasia takes research to policy and its role in evidence based policy making, among others.


Lunch panel from L to R: Sarah Morris (OTI), Pablo Viollier (DerechosDigitales), Shazna Zuhyle 
(LIRNEasia), Thomas Lohninger (Mozilla/Epicenter.Works), Josiah Chavula (Research ICT Africa) 
Photo credits: Measurement Lab 10th Anniversary photostream

We also got to envision the Internet in 2050 with Sci-Fi writer Malka Older.

An eventful 2 days, to say the least.

Discussing a world in which babies will have microchips
Photo credits: Measurement Lab 10th Anniversary photostream

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