Yudhanjaya Wijeratne


Yudhanjaya worked at LIRNEasia from April 2017 to October 2021. He was a Senior Researcher on the Data, Algorithms and Policy team. His research interests include social networks, network theory, and linguistics. He is the co-founder of Watchdog, a fact-checking organization that sprung up in the wake of the April 2019 bombings in Sri Lanka. He is also a science-fiction author, a Nebula Award finalist with a five-book deal from HarperCollins. He built and operates @osunpoet, an experimental Instagram poet using OpenAI technology to test a human+AI collaboration in art.

Before joining LIRNEasia, Yudhanjaya worked at WSO2, overseeing business and technology case studies, and helped design and build the WSO2 Election Monitor, analyzing close to a million tweets a day around the 2016 US Election. Prior to that, he worked stints as a tech journalist, editor and game designer, running news operations and blogging about Sri Lankan politics and culture under the Icaruswept moniker.

Yudhanjaya blogs at Yudhanjaya.com, and has written for Slate, ForeignPolicy and more besides.

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